Old Friends

by Just Henry

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a little thing i made with a windows xp and a guitar


released July 6, 2014

shout out to Gabriel O. Gomes Uchikawa


all rights reserved



Herzog TV Dublin, Ireland

We are a record label and friendship collective from Dublin.

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Track Name: Bad Boy
hey there little baby boy
i can see you staring enviously,
at me, what gives

how would you like to be cool
see the world through glasses as big as mine
and black, i'd say you'd like that

all of your life, is an inside joke that you're yet to get inside of

hey there little pretty catey,
wanna try to be as witty as the king
it's not an easy thing

you look so psychotic today
did someone handcuff you up on the way
to the beach? now that is cool

inject the world, with a healthy dose of hedonism for two

henry you're a bad boy
henry you're a dude
i wanna know the technique
how do you do

henry you are golden
icy cold cool
just a teen siddhartha
just a guy with a -

great girlfriend, joy that never ends
every breath i take, is a credit to the human race
Track Name: Nu Verão
garden, garden
we were waiting
we were late for
the beginning

for sleeping
but we had none
none to spare for
we had nothing

giving books out
gonna help you
turn to nothing

birthing, earthing
like a scarecrow
rivers deep but
this song is deeper
Track Name: Disco Boy
it could have just as well been 16 years ago
i fell down the well and i wished her well
it could have just as well been, marilyn van gogh
i fell down the well man 16 years ago

a towering man told me
there are snakes in the world
so small that you can't see them with a microscope
but he went on to tell me
that he knows theyre there
and we'll just keep looking yeah well just keep looking yeah we'll just keep just keep keep keep keep keep just keep keep keep keep keep
just keep just keep keep keep keep keep just keep keep keep keep just keep just keep keep keep keep keep just keep keep keep keep
Track Name: Thinking Of You
i was young i was dumb got a burn in the sun on the day when i
- i saw you
had a talk, took a walk, in the groove, made a move on you
-and you did too

if i could write you a letter back
then i would write you a letter babe, real talk its true
but my contract clearly states
i don't have time to do half the things that i want to
yeah i want to - do you

but when you're famous
everybody wants your name
you dont have time for miscellaneous thangs
that you used to do everyday

yeah when youre famous
everybody wants your name
but all i wanna do is complain
at the lack of time that i spend with youuuu

now let me break this whole thing down one sec
sorry who are you? i need a background check
my name is my game and im here to preach
to all the lovers suffering from a relationship breach
man, you know i can feel youre pain, there aint nothing worse than
standing outside in the rain

its a shame, it had to happen to you
but its not up to me, yeah its up to the dude
in the sky, have you ever heard of him?
jesus christ
was the ultimate lonely guy, no kids no life no wife
and what did he do? Sacrificed himself and acted as food

its a metaphor, you don't have to kill yourself
just chill yourself, like zooey deshanel in the movie elf
you need to look to your heart, if thou hast eyes to see
she has deceived her father and may well thee

cause when youre famous
everybody knows your game
everybody feels your pain
no pain no gain it takes a heartbreak or two to gain critical acclaim
Track Name: 10 Strong Men (Worries)
the linnaneman is worried about growing up
even though these things take time and a great deal of love
and the stubble on his chin is not helping at all

isaac is worried about taking e
he did once then again, but it wasn't so cool
now he wants to lose the reputation earned in my school

shango is worried about his haircuts
he gets a trim, once a month, cause he's gotta keep up
with the latest trends and blades that we love to make fun of

sasha is worried about writing his book
he wants it finished by the summer and he wants it to work
as a cohesive celebration of the lads in the band

raymond is worried about looking tough
with a big strong build he doesn't have it that rough
but he was kicked out of the gym because he wasn't papa john

hugo's love of gym is only rivalled by
his love of pulling and-ah scoring every girl that walks by
he's got nothing left but V co and blowjobs on his mind

chicken legs had nothing but a dirty look
now he shaved it all off cause he's a dirty crook
the man of nature was nothing if not understood

mr soden likes to be addressed by his first name
but we all think its funny to call him by his surname
like that teacher that we had who was real good at the french horn

we are people
like other people
have no worry
we all worry

henry has a beautiful girlfriend
that's why he barely has a worry
but that doesn't mean that there's nothing
causing him a lack of sleep

henry has to get his facts right
to describe people accurately
in the form of this song
so they don't get angry at me

even strong men cry
thats right